Kizomba Gala Challenge

Kizomba Gala Challenge

Kizomba Gala Challenge

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Kizomba Gala Challenge Rules

(3rd Edition)
26-29 JUNE 2020



The Kizomba Gala Challenge is an international dance competition in choreographic formation dedicated to the KIZOMBA schools. Organized by the Kin Dancers Company, it is open to all schools that practice this dance.

  1. The objective of this competition is to bring together schools from around the world, to present the work done by the teacher during a dance season, and to allow the student to assess his level according to the other candidates through this personal challenge that will give you another vision of this beautiful dance.
  2. These rules are intended for teachers wishing to introduce their students to this competition. They return to them the task of explaining the contents of the latter to his students.
  3. The contest is for students with a minimum of one year of dance practice.
  4. Each teacher wishing to present his students will register by completing the registration and authorization forms attached to this competition rules (Appendices 1 and 2).
  5. The participation fee of the contest is 30 euros per student, entitling them to a full pass for the Gala. These participation fees are collected by the professor and sent to the organization by bank cheque, transfer or cash, together with the completed list of participants (Appendix 3).
  6. The teachers have no fees to pay, the full pass is offered, and a bonus of € 2000 to share between the first three winners at the end of the contest.
  7. The scoring system will be organized as follows: an experienced jury will evaluate participants on 3 scoring components. Each judge will be assigned a single component. Before the competition, the judges will gather to follow a brief explanatory training of their respective component:


a)- TQ : technical quality
– posture, line and body shape
– positions and transitions
– balance (static equilibrium and dynamic equilibrium)
– physical connection
– communication
– accuracy, coherence and efficiency

b)- MM : Movement to music
– time and tempo
– rhythmic structure
– musical interpretation

C)- CP : choregraphy and presentation (choreography and presentation)
– content, atmosphere
– movements coordination
– creativity, level of difficulty
– expression, interpretation
– space management


  1. For a minimum duration of 2 minutes 30 seconds, the soundtrack should contain kizomba music (ghetto zouk, tarraxa, urban kiz) and/or semba and/or afrohouse. The soundtrack should be sent to the contact address :
  2. The decisions and notes of the jury will be final and without appeal.
  3. It is forbidden for participants, teachers and supporters, any form of disrespect towards members of the jury, the organization and the public in general.
  4. It is allowed for two girls to dance together in a choreography
  5. Teachers are forbidden to participate in the choreography.
  6. The mere fact of taking part in the contest entails the outright acceptance of these rules and the arbitration that the organizers may have to take in foreseen cases or not. The parties will endeavor to resolve amicably any dispute that may arise during the execution of this by-law.


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